About ILS.

Intelligent Lectern Systems is building a new business in an embryonic but rapidly growing market of Audiovisual Presentation Tools, namely Intelligent Lecterns. ILS is the premier source for lecterns and epodiums that are especially suited for presenting, training, teaching, events and conferences.

ILS brings together its own state of the art designs and successful designs from partner companies. ILS markets globally, achieving scale savings that were previously impossible, thereby presenting resellers and end-users with cost-effective solutions.

Until now system integrators have embedded small displays in wooden cabinets, focusing more on the control of the environment, than supporting the presenter. ILS intelligent lecterns are different: they provide very easy to use appliance like solutions, with small footprints, using advanced metals and structural materials.

All systems include large touch displays and come with software that makes presenting a breeze. It helps the presenter with his delivery; offers easy navigation and quick switching between presentations, and much more!

Only products with an ILS prefix can be obtained from ILS directly under its Buy & Try or Rental Waiver program. For products without ILS prefix in its nomenclature, you will be guided to the nearest source.

Our products meet stringent norms with no compromise for reliability, ease-of-use and out-of-the-box functionality.

Resellers who wish to partner with ILS should contact us at [email protected] .

ILS may restrict the territory in which it will sell its products and the number of Partners it will work closely with.


Intelligent Lectern Systems
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