GDPR Compliance Statement

What happens to your data in communicating with us?

Intelligent Lectern Systems BV (ILS) announces its full compliance with the new privacy and data protection laws to the best of its abilities.

This is how we handle your data:

  1. EMAIL: You may be communicating with us via email, this means that your email address and any other data shared with us in your email will reside in our Gmail on-line mail system. You can read about Google Cloud's GDPR compliance here. Unless you request to be added to our newsletter database, your email address and name will not be moved or shared with any other parties. You can contact our sales department if you wish to be removed from our email system. When you request deletion, we will delete all email threads.
  2. VISITORS to our booth at Tradeshows. If you have handed us your business card, if you let us scan your badge or if you have specifically requested our information on a 1 – 1 during a trade show, you are added to our database. Our mailing list database is stored on servers managed by MAILCHIMP. It is strictly abides by all necessary GDPR demanded privacy and security rules now in use. You can read their privacy policy here. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. Mailchimp takes care of automatic removal when you opt out, and will even add you to a blacklist so that even if we in the future try to contact you using Mailchimp, or accidentally try to import your email again, you still won't hear from us again. If you have (re-)signed up and are not receiving emails, please contact use so we can manually correct this issue. We use this mailing list service 2 – 4 times per year to inform you.
  3. NEWSLETTER registrations through our website are also managed through MAILCHIMP with the same limited use and protection. If you use the form on our website to sign up, you will be added to our Mailchimp database. Yet you can always unsubscribe in a simple fashion when you receive a mailing from us.
  4. LICENSE REGISTRATIONS to our software. This is the only database we hold locally on our secure remote servers hosted by Hostnet in Amsterdam. We use this database to validate the validity of the software licence that you, our client, paid for. The email contact and name in this database is strictly used for 3 purposes only:
    1. To announce and provide updates to the software
    2. To maintain a subscription service for product support and product updates
    3. To validate support requests
  5. ORDERS you have place with us will include your contact and delivery information. These are used for our order planning and management as well as the invoice. If you did not communicate with us by email (when ad. 1 always applies), scanned copies of your communication may be held for the purpose of order tracking, order processing, warranty validity verification and tax purposes as required by the government of the Netherlands and those countries where our affiliates are located. Such information may be scanned into a database and held for as long a period as is dictated by local tax laws. ILS shall never knowingly share or sell your information held by us in any way to any third party, nor will it make any offers to you that are not relevant to products that are made by ILS.

Our IT support and our webmaster are both trained and keep each other sharp when it comes to being in compliance with the new GDPR regulations. They are under the direction and responsibility of the ILS general manager. If you have any further questions about our GDPR complaince, or want to request a copy of information we have on you, or want to be permanently or temporarily removed from any of our database systems, please contact us: GDPR Compliance at Intelligent Lecterns dot com

Intelligent Lectern Systems BV company locations:

  • Admin: ILS, Diepmaat 16, 9431MP Westerbork, Netherlands
  • Lab: ILS, Industrieweg 22, 9403AA ASSEN, Netherlands
  • Warehouse: ILS, CT Storkweg 6, 9403AG ASSEN Netherlands
  • Affiliate: ILS Spolka z.o.o. Podwalna 22, RADOM, Poland
  • Affiliate: sho-Q BV, Diepmaat 16, 9431MP, Westerbork, Netherlands
  • Affiliate: Indota BV, Industrieweg 22, 9403AA ASSEN, Netherlands