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ILS strengthens its Middle East client support

Assen, January 2021

We are pleased to announce that Youssef Omar is ILS's new business developer/customer support person.

Youssef holds an MSc in Marketing management from Nottingham Trent University and is getting deeply immersed in the ILS technology, its durability philosophy and AV requirements in general.

We are all confident that Youssef will take on his new responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and professionalism, using his experience dealing with international people in Arabic and English language.

Youssef will be responsible for the ME partners of ILS and offer all help needed to win over contracts for ILS's durable aluminium lecterns.

Feel free to reach out to him via email [email protected]

Or call him directly at +31 853 036 716.

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ILS launches new Q-series

Assen, August 2020 In the expanding Synergy line of modular and integrated lecterns, ILS launched the new Synergy QT and QW Intelligent Lecterns.

Where the ILS Synergy ST/SW and UT/UW allowed mounting a 24 – 27” touch or pen and touch monitor on top of a VESA mount on the lectern head for ease of installation and exchange, the new Q-head integrates the touch or pen & touch monitor of 24 and 27” under a cover with cut-out for the main monitor and optionally for an additional touch panel (Crestron / Extron).

ILS Synergy Lectern

The area to the right of a 24” monitor (Iiyama or WACOM) can be used for presentation notes and mouse space; optionally, it can also have the space for a 7” or 10” touch control panel, all mounted flush directly under an aluminium cover frame. When a 27” touch monitor (Acer) is installed in a larger cut-out, we have the space for a 5.5” touch control panel ( or portrait mode 7” ) next to it.

Together with the launch of the Q-head, we have launched the availability of a sliding side table on the W-pedestal by extending a similarly styled segment of the pedestal to rise up and down with the top. The new sliding side table may be combined with an optional keyboard holder as well as an optional tilt mechanism for the entire head. The new Q-head will also fit on the ILS slim(C) and full rack (K) cabinets in line with our generic selection of any lectern head to fit any lectern pedestal within the ILS Synergy lectern family.

ILS Synergy Lectern

ILS lecterns are almost completely machined from thick aluminium blocks, sheets and ILS specific profiles.

All Synergy systems are made in Assen Netherlands

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ILS has moved to new premises in the Netherlands

Back in 2006 when ILS was founded, we occupied a classroom in the nearby technical Hanze University. 5 years later when also every available closet including the men’s room was filled with ILS parts, we relocated to a larger office and a separate warehouse space covering about 230 sqm.

In the end of 2016 we decided for quality reasons that we moved all third party manufacturing of our lecterns in China and Germany back to the Netherlands and do the lectern assembly - but also machining of all the aluminium parts we use to build or lecterns - in-house.

By 2020 this space became way too crowded as we keep growing. We could not build more than 12 units at a time. Our CNC machine was encapsulated by boxes in the warehouse causing a lot of walking the 200 meter between the office and warehouse. We had to farm out machining to companies in the region.

Luckily a large hotel furniture maker had to relocate from a very nice facility 4 km north of our place and we managed to rent this new 800 sqm office, assembly and warehouse space. We added two more CNC Datron systems and walled off a sound-proof area for all 3 machines. Our warehouse space and our assembly area tripled in size and we added a separate engineering room for product development as well as a showroom.

ILS moved

At ILS we intend to remain the top quality player in the metal lecterns market, we keep producing our systems almost completely from thick aluminium, lecterns that are stylish, that cannot be dented, that are open to upgrades as new technology emerges; made to last for decades of intense use. Our key markets are education (intense use), military (solidity), energy (adaptability), medical (human factors), financial services (high technology) and other high profile corporations (style) with their key decision factors in brackets.

Our new visiting address is: ILS, Romestraat 1, 9403DT, ASSEN, The Netherlands

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GDPR Compliance Statement

What happens to your data in communicating with us?

Intelligent Lectern Systems BV (ILS) announces its full compliance with the new privacy and data protection laws to the best of its abilities.

This is how we handle your data:

  1. EMAIL: You may be communicating with us via email, this means that your email address and any other data shared with us in your email will reside in our Gmail on-line mail system. You can read about Google Cloud's GDPR compliance here. Unless you request to be added to our newsletter database, your email address and name will not be moved or shared with any other parties. You can contact our sales department if you wish to be removed from our email system. When you request deletion, we will delete all email threads.
  2. VISITORS to our booth at Tradeshows. If you have handed us your business card, if you let us scan your badge or if you have specifically requested our information on a 1 – 1 during a trade show, you are added to our database. Our mailing list database is stored on servers managed by MAILCHIMP. It is strictly abides by all necessary GDPR demanded privacy and security rules now in use. You can read their privacy policy here. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. Mailchimp takes care of automatic removal when you opt out, and will even add you to a blacklist so that even if we in the future try to contact you using Mailchimp, or accidentally try to import your email again, you still won't hear from us again. If you have (re-)signed up and are not receiving emails, please contact use so we can manually correct this issue. We use this mailing list service 2 – 4 times per year to inform you.
  3. NEWSLETTER registrations through our website are also managed through MAILCHIMP with the same limited use and protection. If you use the form on our website to sign up, you will be added to our Mailchimp database. Yet you can always unsubscribe in a simple fashion when you receive a mailing from us.
  4. LICENSE REGISTRATIONS to our software. This is the only database we hold locally on our secure remote servers hosted by Hostnet in Amsterdam. We use this database to validate the validity of the software licence that you, our client, paid for. The email contact and name in this database is strictly used for 3 purposes only:
    1. To announce and provide updates to the software
    2. To maintain a subscription service for product support and product updates
    3. To validate support requests
  5. ORDERS you have place with us will include your contact and delivery information. These are used for our order planning and management as well as the invoice. If you did not communicate with us by email (when ad. 1 always applies), scanned copies of your communication may be held for the purpose of order tracking, order processing, warranty validity verification and tax purposes as required by the government of the Netherlands and those countries where our affiliates are located. Such information may be scanned into a database and held for as long a period as is dictated by local tax laws. ILS shall never knowingly share or sell your information held by us in any way to any third party, nor will it make any offers to you that are not relevant to products that are made by ILS.

Our IT support and our webmaster are both trained and keep each other sharp when it comes to being in compliance with the new GDPR regulations. They are under the direction and responsibility of the ILS general manager. If you have any further questions about our GDPR complaince, or want to request a copy of information we have on you, or want to be permanently or temporarily removed from any of our database systems, please contact us: GDPR Compliance at Intelligent Lecterns dot com

Intelligent Lectern Systems BV company locations:

  • Admin: ILS, Diepmaat 16, 9431MP Westerbork, Netherlands
  • Lab: ILS, Romestraat 1, 9403DT ASSEN, Netherlands
  • Warehouse: ILS, Romestraat 1, 9403DT ASSEN, Netherlands
  • Affiliate: ILS Spolka z.o.o. Podwalna 22, RADOM, Poland
  • Affiliate: sho-Q BV, Diepmaat 16, 9431MP, Westerbork, Netherlands
  • Affiliate: Indota BV, Romestraat 1, 9403DT ASSEN, Netherlands

ILS launches own double presentation matrix switcher with KVM during ISE.

Amsterdam, February 2017 Intelligent Lectern Systems (ILS) launches ILS503; its dedicated switcher for integration into ILS or other bespoke lecterns or podiums.

This ultra compact system fits in the side of the new ILS Synergy family of lecterns and replaces the connectivity panel. The switcher is built with lecterns in mind and provides connectivity on the outside - e.g. laptop, document camera via HDMI, VGA, DP - as well as connectivity on the inside of the lectern for the 2 output ports of an internal PC. The system integrator has both HDMI and HDbaseT/CAT6 independent outputs for projector and display devices. This ILS503 Presentation Switcher offers true 4x2 matrix switching and handles 4K signals. A second switcher selects between source and the second output port of the internal lectern PC to the lectern monitor.

Audio signal input is provided for VGA, and HDMI based audio is extracted for audio output. Built-in KVM, using USB3 level sockets, allows connection of a document camera over USB, and takes the touch of the lectern monitor to an external laptop for controlling and viewing from the lectern. It also connects keyboard and mouse to the internal or external PC. LAN connections are available on both sides.

Control is very flexible offering direct switching, contact closure with button light, via RS232 and over IP.

The ILS503 presentation switcher measures only 170 x 81 x 40 mm.

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ILS launches all new sho-Q2020.

January 2017 Sho-Q2020 allows for seamless presenting of multiple Powerpoint and PDF presentations; start any session at any time with a single touch.

Teachers can freely mix whiteboard, web content and document camera images and can annotate on any image, document or slide. Annotations, whiteboard sheets, annotated web pages, document camera shots and slide annotations are automatically inserted into the presentation and build a new PDF document that is saved at the end of the session for later review and posting.

sho-Q 2020 screenshot

Sho-Q2020 was built especially for ILS lecterns, however it is available to anyone teaching or presenting with the help of modern pen interactive and multi-touch screens, touchPC's, surface tablets and laptops with touch. sho-Q2020 needs minimal preparation time, you can start a full day of events within seconds, and switch between sessions and presentations without ever having to go to a desktop or show your audience this switch.

Other helpful features include:

  • Auto-launch of the latest presentation from a USB-stick inserted into the PC when sho-Q is active.
  • Auto-listing of hyperlinks in presentations so that it is easy to jump to a web page location, annotate and insert the webpage(s) in the slide sequence of your presentation.
  • Jump from within a presentation to another one and return to where you left off.
  • No intricate system distractions, easy to get your ideas across with confidence and professionally.

Try sho-Q2020 by downloading a trial from
You can come see sho-Q in action an try it yourself at ISE, ILS can be found at booth 13.D108

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Intelligent Lectern Systems demonstrates new integrated lectern solution Synergy IM.

January 2017 ISE 2017 marks the 11th time ILS is exhibiting at ISE, and we proudly present newer and better Presenter and SpeakersCorner lectern systems. We continue to put more and more emphasis on producing the highest quality and most durable solutions that are very user-friendly, that significantly reduce cost of ownership.

Designed for upscale boardrooms, showrooms and prestigious events, the new Synergy IM uses the same proven multi-touch technology as our previous ILS22 generation.

This seamless sheet of 70x50 cm 5 mm thick safety glass offers 10 point multi-touch. Beneath it are an integrated 29" ultra-wide 2560x1080 display, a 12" letterbox format panel serving as a multifunctional keyboard with changing key layouts, a control panel next to a trackpad, and multiple control keys. The new Synergy IM uses Windows 10 Pro to and provides excellent integration between the main screen and the control panel on the right. The keyboard is fully customizable; our ILS Control Software can display virtually any keyboard layout.

The Synergy IM comes standard with a 10" control panel, Blu-ray Disk writer/player, Intel® i7-6700T Core™ i5, Solid State Drive and our special KVM/5x3 HDMI matrix Switcher.

Come see us at ISE booth 13.D108 !

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ILS celebrates 10 year anniversary

December 2006

Mid December 2006, Intelligent Lectern Systems b.v. was founded after thorough exploration and preparations of hardware and software earlier in the year. 10 years went by in no time.

June 2006

ILS had taken an earlier design effort of a totally new approach to lecterns to market. ILS obtained all design and production rights in June 2006, transferred these rights to ILS and dubbed it the ILS19P Presenter Lectern. A trademarked T-shape lectern, on a slim height-adjustable German made pillar with optional side tables. This lectern featured a 19” touch screen with integrated PC. ILS21, ILS15, as well as all ILS Synergy generations would follow this design in the 10 years to come.

January 2007

Sho-Q v1 released: We developed 18 prototypes of our unique seamless presentation and lecturing software and proudly named it sho-Q. After thorough testing with family, friends, parents and grandparents, we decided to go with prototype #17. A first thin release was shown during our participation in the Integrated Systems Europe expo January 2007. sho-Q1, sho-Q7, sho-Q10, and sho-Q2020 followed with increasingly more productive and robust features for presenting at events as well as for effective interactive teaching.

January 2007

ILS acquired all property rights to a larger lectern, with a cabinet and 19” rack inside and large side tables on each side; the SpeakersCorner lectern. This lectern was a formal development by the ETHZ in Switzerland, published in 2004. The lectern had already sold well in Switzerland and after we took over all Germany-made inventory we took this lectern all over the globe, and sold 100’s of this and newer models within the SpeakersCorner family. We shipped the first bundle of SpeakersCorner lecterns to UAE university in Al Ain. When we visited them in 2015, they were still happily in use.

January 2007

During ISE in January 2007 – only 5 weeks after founding Intelligent Lectern Systems – ILS had a 15 meter long booth showing 5 different lecterns. A flying start!.

January 2008

By ISE 2008 the next year we had designed the wider version of the SpeakersCorner - ILS24 - and demonstrated the true show-stopper ILS22. The ILS 22 featured an integrated 22” monitor, a keyboard, a touch pad and 3 function pads all under a single 31” piece of custom touch glass. We took a lot of orders right at the show! The ILS22 later got new touch technology, multi-touch, higher accuracy, and more powerful processors in its life cycle without changing the looks of this remarkable design, still available today..

April 2011

2011 was a banner year for ILS where we took our first large order for 196 of the large SpeakersCorner (ILS24) and needed to look for special production halls in the northern part of the Netherlands. The order employed 40 people for 4 months. We also participated in Infocomm Middle East for the first time, with a large 64 m2 booth..

June 2015

2015 marked the launch of the new Synergy series platform to bring all our different lectern models together. The Synergy series is made for easy switching between several top surfaces from simple wood or aluminum to a fully featured touch screen computer on top of a slim/wide pillar or rack cabinets. We unified logistics and production at various locations and continue to assure future upgradeability and consistent high quality.

November 2016

Sho-Q 2020 released. With the release of sho-Q2020 we added even more functionality to our Sho-Q software package. Appreciated by teachers, trainers and lecturers all over the world. This package comes with generous white board functions, seamless Document Camera integration, annotations, and much more!

February 2017

ISE 2017 marks the 11th time ILS is exhibiting at ISE . Add to this the 10 times we exhibited Infocomm USA, and 5 times we exhibited at Infocomm Middle East. We did well!

At this largest European AVpro show we again will present newer and better Presenter and SpeakersCorner lectern systems. We now embed an all new ILS presentation media matrix switch with CAT6 out, replacing 7 connection cables down to the bottom of the lectern, with unique loop back features for the lectern monitor to control external laptops. We also added a new audio module, designed by our Voicepoint high end audio engineers partner in Germany; and a custom made Zytronic touch glass based integrated system. We continue to put more and more emphasis on producing high quality and durable education solutions that are very user friendly, thus significantly reducing cost of ownership.

Download this article as a PDF file.

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ILS at the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU).

Dubai, June 2015 During a round trip in the United Arab Emirates Intelligent lectern Systems (ILS) from the Netherlands has recently visited some locations where their high-tech e-Podium solutions have been installed.

ILS Lectern at the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU)

At the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in Al-Ain 6 lecterns (type ILS16) were installed in 2008, and despite daily use all desks are still in excellent shape.

ILS Lectern at the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU)

Henk de Groot, Managing Director of ILS states:

“The ILS16 lecterns provided to the UAEU, at that time, were from the first generation of this lectern series. Our products are built to last, but it’s always good to have this confirmed. We’re currently working on several projects in the UAE and UAEU are just great references for us.”

ILS Lectern at the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAEU)

ILS is currently presenting a completely new lectern series called “Synergy” at InfoComm US. The Synergy series will also be shown in October at InfoComm MEA in Dubai.

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ILS announces the Synergy lectern series with Synergy-Universal lectern top.

Amsterdam, February 19, 2015. Intelligent Lectern Systems BV of the Netherlands announced the complete overhaul of its wide range of intelligent lecterns. Over the next half year 75% of the current lecterns will be redeveloped and integrated into the new Synergy lectern family.

ILS Synergy Lectern family

The company developed the Synergy-Universal method that will allow conversion of one lectern into another type within a minute. This is a particular useful feature for rental companies and corporate venue support groups. Lecterns required to be presidential one moment with a nice wood or acrylic surface and become a large touch technology surface another time. This supports both the users preferring a direct presentation style as well as those keen to maximize use of interactive technology.

Synergy series Lecterns always come with the beautiful and functional lectern top that houses all standard items of a high-end lectern: shock-mounted XLR slot for a microphone, a reading light slot, laptop connectivity, control buttons and a stand for a smart phone or small tablet; optionally with internal loudspeaker array and/or 7" touch control panel.

ILS Synergy Lectern family

Then, it allows to snap in – and exchange from one to the other – a wide range of table tops: wood grain, acrylic, brushed aluminum, VESA ILS HD pen and touch interactive monitors and a wide choice of touchPC's and monitors such as WACOM and SMART with special mounting systems for DELL One 2350 and Lenovo A740 that have an adjustable stand with PC in the foot. Our current ILS21 and ILS22 solutions with integrated advanced touch and system control features will integrate into the systems as well over the course of 2015. For monitor-only solutions there is adequate space to house a small PC in the top. Use the Synergy series lectern in a "dumb", intelligent or brilliant way as fit for the occasion! Depending on the size of the modules inserted, the support rail is remains functional even when hidden by wider surfaces.

ILS Synergy Lectern family

The new Synergy series of ILS lecterns comes with a wide choice of pillars, electrical lift pillars, small and full rack cabinets to adapt to every function and different budgets. The ILS SpeakerCorner series (ILS12 – ILS18 – ILS24) will remain in the product portfolio.

For more information, contact Henk de Groot at [email protected]

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ILS reports back from ISE 2015.

March 2015. The show was our best ever, with again a 20% increase in the number of visitors to our booth. The following pictures show a few highlights of our intelligent lecterns:

ILS lecterns at ISE 2015

We launched our new concept of an intelligent lectern in the Synergy series. A single lectern head will accommodate many different inserts, from the latest generation of touch PC's, to our own integrated all-glass-top lecterns, as well as plain wooden or acrylic surfaces for a simple yet stylish non-technical lectern. It is an instant swap that lets you adapt to any meeting environment while your lectern connectivity remains constant.

HoverCam 8MP document cameras have become the de facto standard camera option that we use in our lectern builds. They are excellent at scanning documents in 2K resolution and can act as HD recording cameras as well.

ILS24 lectern with HoverCam at ISE 2015

German sound engineer Voicepoint helped us show impressive quality sound coming from our lecterns.

You can watch a video of ILS discussing plans for our new line (YouTube) recorded by rAVe during the show.

ILS lectern at ISE 2015

ILS participated in IMSE pro-AV multi-media event in the new Krakow convention and expo center.

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ILS participated in IMSE pro-AV multi-media event in the new Krakow convention and expo center.

Krakow Oct 8-9 2014. ILS ventured for the first time to participate in the new IMSE show in beautiful Krakow. We met virtually every AV dealer and system integrator in Poland, key architects and university and convention center clients, as well as some international resellers. ILS featured its latest lectern products: ILS27 DELL integrated lectern, equipped with DELL One 2350 in a very solid height adjustable setting, which was demonstrated with the new state-of-the-art Hovercam SOLO8.

ILS27 with DELL One 2350
Right a 100 Zloty banknote …. Left crisp detail of some fine print.

We brought along our ILS16 teaching lectern, to configure to your needs. The ILS11 regular height adjustable aluminum top lectern – which we showed not so regular with integrated German engineered sound: a speaker array in the top and a subwoofer in the lectern base. The all new ILS22M integrated presenter lectern with room control and keyboard under a single sheet of PCT glass made especially for us by Zytronic UK, now with our extremely responsive implementation of multi-touch. Its different sections are seen by Windows 8 as native touch screen, keyboard and touch pad HID's. CONTROL/ALT/DEL to logon is no longer an issue on our touch based system!

Furthermore from our Joint Venture Partner Haijie we brought one of the totally new high capacity classroom chargers, its new integrated wall systems for PC and audio and for a document camera to mount in lockable boxes next to your interactive whiteboard. We launched the charger's new sync feature and student tablet interface for presenting, teaching, learning and sharing interactively. We demonstrated our classroom sound field solutions from Lightspeed and several capture and wireless audio solutions from Hovercam and Wise technologies.

ILS booth
The entire booth, its walls and our equipment fitted our Landcruiser.
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Zytronic announces new Projected Capacitive true Multi-touch technology for rugged environments.

April 4, 2013, ASSEN Netherlands. Zytronic is the supplier to ILS of the special touch technology in its unique lectern ILS22GLS. The announcement of new multi-touch technology coming available this year will allow ILS to upgrade its ILS22G system to the next level of performance. Palm reject technology will allow comfortable use in the ILS lectern implementation.


ILS MD Henk de Groot commented: "As soon as we can get our hands on the new glass, ILS will plan to implement this in the next generation of the ILS22 series. This combines monitor touch interaction with the keyboard, mouse pad, system and room control and other [backlit when needed] functions outside the monitor area under a single sheet of touch enabled glass".

Zytronic Gregg Brown said: "We were impressed with the detailed response, accuracy and ability to address dense keys that ILS developers achieved with implementing our PCT glass" Watch this space for later announcements. This work complements the solutions in our ILS27 Lenovo Ideacentre 27" multi-touch and ILS24 Speakerscorner ePodium with the new WACOM2242 pen+multi-touch presenter and teaching systems.

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ILS back from ISE 2013

Amsterdam, Feb 3, 2013 - ISE Amsterdam was the biggest ever, and ILS correspondingly met up with many more of its current clients as well as hundreds of new contacts. If you have visited our booth: thank you for coming!

Visitors at the ILS booth

As announced we introduced our latest new products: the ILS27L, with 27" Lenovo tabletPC integrated into the lectern's updated shape; the new compact ILS14C (shown cordless on batteries!) and the ILS19P; a cost effective teaching lectern with solid electrical pillar base and pen interactive screen. The ILS22G with its new touch system developed in cooperation with Zytronic UK with its integrated control system again was the highlight that caught the eyes of many of our visitors.

ILS17 lectern

The ILS21H, the Teacher desk and the ILS24H also made an appearance. We demonstrated the recording and streaming package cast-Q on the ILS24 side panel, and our new release of the sho-Q interactive teaching and presentations suite. The ILS16H with its newly machined top of thick aluminum was demonstrated for the first time in Amsterdam; an almost indestructible compact classroom system with built-in 19"rack.

ils 21 and ils22 at ise ils14, ils19, ils21 at ise

Through our partners the show floor featured 65" Viditouch monitors, with the latest fast and accurate response technology for use in classrooms and corporate boardrooms, Lightspeed's latest portable and installed classroom sound field audio systems and Haijie's Classroom charging system for laptops and tablets. New to the portfolio of ILS lectern systems is Hovercam's attractive compact document cameras that are integrated with several lecterns as a budget alternative to the Wolfvision's cameras we often integrate. A special new design from NigelBdesign brings ILS the perfect lectern audio solution. The system uses 50 mWatt in permanent stand-by, and delivers 80 Watts of power when activated. The quarter-rack-unit sized system easily disappears into any lectern, keeping the controls easily available right from the PC.

Ask us for the updated price list for our range of ILS lecterns.

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ILS announcements at ISE 2013.

Jan 10, 2013 ? Amsterdam. ILS announced that it is making several major announcements during the Integrated Systems Europe held in Amsterdam, January 29-31; the largest professional AV show in the world.

ils at ise

Expect to see next to new advanced lecterns in the ILS21 and ILS22 class with state of the art looks and functionality, a new DIY built lectern ? ultra flat package for low cost transportation! ? with an option for complete cordless capability on spherical wheels holds modern large tablet PCs, small tablets and smart phones to control any presentation and environment perfectly. Expect new announcements in audio systems for classrooms and specially for building in lecterns ? very green audio that is only on when spoken to or fed with music, switching within 1/200th of a second ? and try new document camera's, expect a new combo analog and digital matrix switching and controls, new classroom functional furniture. New features ILS lecterns

Enjoy testing our new sho-QHD interactive, annotate on any slide, on any document, video or web page while having seamless control of many presentations simultaneously. Each day, ILS will give away 10 new sho-Q licenses, just say the magic words that you read it on the ILS website news section! Watch a demo of cast-Q recording and live streaming with an extensive and complete university solution.

Find ILS in the walkway between hall 1 and hall 2, between EPSON/Audipack in Hall 1 and Chief/Sennheiser in Hall 2. Make the right crossing! Stand numbers 1.E68 + 1.E72.

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News Archive

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ILS at Infocomm in Dubai.

Dubai, Oct 19, 2012 ILS had a great Infocomm/GITEX participation in DUBAI enjoying constant customer attention from 200 new contacts. This was the first opportunity for the region to sample so many of ILS lecterns and epodiums such as the new Teacher Desk in the S-3 series, the ILS18, the great ILS24 that has enjoyed 100's of installs in the region already, the ILS21 and the renewed ILS22 were on the booth.

Uri Rosenthal (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Jacques Tichelaar (Provincial Governor) visit ILS.

Assen, Sept 3, 2012. It was back to school for Uri Rosenthal (the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Jacques Tichelaar (Provincial Governor) when they visited ILS.

First public showing of the new ILS16 and ILS18.

June 15, 2012, Las Vegas USA First public showing of the new ILS16 and ILS18 compact podiums sculpted out of thick aluminum during the Infocomm in Las Vegas.

New extensive support for control systems inside the ILS range of lecterns.

In cooperation with FHCS, ILS announces its broad control system components support for Creator Platinum product family from both the secondary control panel as well as from the main PC or through a networked environment for the control systems, scalers and matrix switchers up to 16x16.