ILS Teacher Desk ILS4-18L

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ILS Teacher Desk ILS4-18L

After more than 7 years of receiving feedback, especially on the ILS TD3 series, now ILS developed ILS TD4 series, assuring its commitment to make everlasting systems, made from thick aluminum rather than thin sheet metal in the previous products.

The Teacher Desks are again designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. The new Teacher desk TD4 series uses our ILS design language involving our special strong extrusion profiles and aluminum machined construction. Ergonomics, comfort and ease of use are key. It is produced by robotized production methods, providing consistency and workmanship quality. ILS TD4 is fully customizable to meet client's needs.

A solid and perfect solution for universities, international schools or meeting rooms at large organizations, for decades of intense use.

The essence of this new all aluminum e-desk is that a total solution is available to the user that is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use.

ILS develops this new desk in a modular and flexible approach in which the position of devices can be determined at time of order. Complemented with a 19” rack cabinet, with the best-in-class pen interactive monitor, latest PC, audio amplification, switching and control system technology, using our sho-Q2020 interactive teaching software, lecturing has never been more productive.

The thick wooden desk top surface comes in a variety of colours and is scratch resistant. This top is available in many different sizes, for example 1800 x 800 x 40 mm and 2300 x 1100 x 40 mm. The lift system is using a double set of slim lifts with our electronics and safety bounce.

All this makes the ILS TD4 perfect for universities that requires a large number of the same style and functionality desks and lecterns tuned to the needs in the various classrooms, labs or lecture halls with larger or smaller space requirements and less or more integrated functions

Recommended use:

  • training
  • school
  • university

Technical specifications:

Width Top: 80cm x 180cm
Height min: 77,5cm
max: 108cm
castors: 7cm
Weight 180kg
Accessories Keyboard tray mounted under the work surface
T-bone GM5212 microphone
Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm
Vidabox flex tablet/touch control panel holder
7 socket rack PDU GB standard
Features High quality anti-scratch wooden table
Rack cabinet offers 14RU of rack space
Has a height adjustable top surface option ranging from seated to stand-up use
The system is placed on 8 industrial strength casters, rated 100KG each, for easy movement of the total desk
In the wider section plate we provide space to place a logo, fully engraved and colour filled