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ILS Standards criteria

  1. Whether it's a floor standing model or a tabletop model, our touch screen lecterns are ergonomically sound, so they can build comfort and confidence for the user.

  2. Intelligent: in our definition this includes a large (17” – 40” range) touch screen display (pen and/or finger touch), supported by [access to] a fast PC with storage interfacing, and communications networking options. A lectern is intelligent when it lets the presenter look at - and interact with - more information and elements than are visible to the audience.

  3. We value reliability, build quality, and upgrade ability for an extended economic life at little operational cost. In ILS products it is possible to remove a damaged part and renew it, or to make new fittings for future upgrades without affecting the rest of the installed system. Our lecterns all comply with European CE and safety certifications.

  4. Ease-of-use: presenters must be able to operate the lectern effortlessly. All changes and advances in the presentation will be seamless to the audience.

  5. Ease-of-integration: We give you out-of-the-box functionality for the end-user. From an IT perspective the purchase of a new lectern compares to the acquisition of any new PC. AV departments or Professional System Integrators should not require special training.

  6. We provide you with several options when it comes to features, functionality, and design.

ILS NAVIGATOR Budget Systems 6-7 weeks
ILS Synergy Presidential Systems 7-8 weeks
ILS SYNERGY Modular Systems 7-9 weeks
ILS SYNERGY Integrated Systems 8-11 weeks