ILS Navigator AT

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ILS Navigator AT

ILS Navigator AT delivers ILS quality with a smart design and cost-efficient solution. The solid top of the lectern is made of anodized or coated aluminum. It is placed on a motorized narrow pillar with a height adjustment range up to 40 cm (15”+). Two buttons will help you to control it. In the lowest position a seated person can freely use the system.

The Navigator AT is an ideal solution for rooms where handwritten notes or laptops are used for presentations. The system includes a laptop power socket and a tablet and smartphone holder with built-in charging cables. Plug your laptop into the HDMI socket to transmit the presentation to the big screen. The working surface of the Navigator series has a tilting range of 12 - 22°. An XLR3 shock-mount suits most gooseneck microphones (optional 2 sockets) and a reading light with switch is included. When needed, a second horizontal side table can be integrated moving up and down with the top. This will make it possible to place a document camera, a control panel or a laptop on one of them.

For ease of movement and stability of the lectern during the presentation, four lockable smart castors are provided. In addition, we will be pleased to engrave your logo on the extra front/privacy panel of the lectern, in case of using the system in formal events!

Recommended use:

  • conventions
  • corporate
  • training
  • university

Technical specifications:

Width Top: 72cm x 53,5cm
Side plate: 45cm x 29,5cm
Top + Side plate: 110cm
Height User side min: 83,5cm, max: 123cm
Audience side min: 96,5cm, max: 136cm
Weight 60kg
Accessories Audio: 1 x Microphone: T-bone GM5212
Light: 1 x ADAM HALL BNC lamp
Features Budget model with monitor tilt for extra 10° range
Luxury anodised aluminum surface for laptop and documents
3 x Buttons (2 x Height control up to 40cm range; 1 x Light;)
4 x Lockable smart castors or sideway rollers
Top dashboard 1 x 3-Pin XLR Shock Mount for microphone
1 x extra shock mount 3-Pin XLR pin socket for microphone
(or 1 x regular mount 4-Pin XLR socket for the reading light)

Ultra wide tablet holder for control panels and tablets with Charging cables (USB type-C; Lightning; micro USB;)
Side connectivity 3 x Sockets (type on request) - Laptop connectivity
1 x AC Power socket
Bottom cabling 1 x HDMI - External display connection
Microphone output: 1 x XLR cable per microphone
1 x AC Power