ILS Synergy GW-W

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ILS Synergy GW-W

Be future proof! The Synergy GW-W with 32" WACOM

The Synergy GW-W is the ideal smart solution for PC presentation. Large 32” WACOM pen and touch monitor is integrated flush into the head by extensive machining aluminium to make it fit exactly in the larger head. The PC for this in micro format can easily find a place inside. As the system will be no doubt used for high density images in oil well analysis or that of detailed review of medical images it is recommended to use an i7 latest generation microPC with at least 16GB of RAM. Larger PC’s might be based outside the lectern or in an AV rack elsewhere. In the latter case the system will be equipped with a USB hub to pass on the monitor touch, the 2 USB’s on top and the USB from the ILS switcher to the external PC.

This lectern also provides two horizontal side tables moving up or down with the top. This makes it possible to use handwritten notes, laptop, or place a document camera on it.

The built-in switcher or four sockets with the type on request will be great helpers when handling connections between the main screen of the lectern and/or laptop, or other devices. To do this, there are four buttons on the top panel of the product. There are also two USB 3.0 sockets and a holder with built-in charging cables for tablets and smartphones. The microphone socket is of the XLR shock-mount type.

For ease of movement and stability of the lectern during the presentation, four lockable smart castors are provided. In addition, we will be pleased to engrave your logo on the front panel of the lectern, in case of using the system in formal events!

Recommended use:

  • conventions
  • corporate
  • training
  • university

Technical specifications:

Width Top: 93cm x 61cm
side plate: 34cm x 29,5cm
Top + Side palte: 165,5cm
Height User side: min: 86,5cm, max: 126,5cm
Audience side min: 99cm, max: 139cm
Weight 90kg
Display & PC Monitor: 32” WACOM 3220 2160p IPS; Pen; 10 points capacitive touchscreen
PC: Dell Optiplex 3070 micro Intel Core I-5 CPU; 8GB RAM; 256GB SSD;
Accessories Audio: 1 x Microphone AKG CGN 99
Features ILS holder for micro PC installation inside the working surface
6 x Buttons (2 x Height control up to 40cm; 4 x Signal switch;)
2 x Side tables (moving up & down with the top)
4 x Lockable smart castors or sideway rollers
Side connectivity ILS503 or 4 x sockets (type on request)
Top dashboard 1 x 3-Pin XLR Shock Mount for microphone
1 x extra shock mount 3-Pin XLR pin socket for microphone
(or 1 x regular mount 4-Pin XLR socket for the reading light)

Integrated computer expansion ports:
2 x USB Sockets for external USB devices

Ultra wide tablet holder for control panels and tablets with Charging cables (USB type-C; Lightning; micro USB;)
Bottom cabling External display connection 1 x HDMI and/or 1 x HDbaseT
Microphone output: one XLR cable per microphone
1 x 3,5mm audio
1 x Switcher Control
1 x AC Power